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Improving your writing skills

Posted by greaterknowledge on January 23, 2008

Sometimes we thought that we are not capable of writing a very inspirational article or maybe a book. It takes practice for a person to do that. Well, I cannot say that I am a very good writer. But, I am open to getting to know more. Asking other writer’s advice is one way to improve yourself. Don’t be afraid to receive criticisms because this is your key to your goal. Being a good writer needs motivation, hard work and creativity. You must like what you do to become a very good writer. To be honest. I am not a writer. But, I love to share my thoughts and point of views to other people. I think, this makes me one of hell of a writer. I may have similar thoughts from other writers. But the fact that I’m having fun and loving it. Who cares? I just want to write.

I once read an article called Good Writing. It says;

In order to start with a good writing; you must want to produce a good writing. Second, you have to or you must believe that you are able to produce a good writing.

You see, I’ve highlighted the words you must remember. These are the tips on producing good articles or writing. You also have to have confidence in yourself for to you to be able to show the readers that you know what you’re talking about.

Writing always starts with a bad draft. But a good writer makes sure that he gets rid of the impurities until he comes up with a very good article. You don’t have to lose hope if you feel that your writing sucks. It’s a matter of rewriting it over and over again. Until you reach the best of your writing.

Love, want and practice. I’ve recently discovered a site where you can write reviews. Well, this is one way of practicing because people get to vote for your review. These reviews are rated in some way. The best part here is that, you get paid for writing a review. Try it.

So, goodluck for those aspiring writers. Everybody can be one, you just have to want it.


3 Responses to “Improving your writing skills”

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    Improving your writing skills

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