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Top 5 Best Outing for Children

Posted by greaterknowledge on April 30, 2008

1.  The Zoo

Not only does the children enjoy being with the animals. They get to know different information about the origin of each. Here , they could learn how to appreciate animals and get to know how we can take part in taking care of them.  Zoo keepers has a big role in making the trip exciting.  Allowing kids to touch and feel certain animals would give them a one time experience  of this  opportunity they would never forget.  But of course, you have to make sure that they are well guided. That, there will be no kids left unattended.  Accidents do happen once in a while .

Check out the list of zoo around the world.

2.   Amusement parks

Kids love rides. They love popcorn, cotton candies, and a lot more goodies.
Children who are active wouldn’t want a place that is quiet and boring.  This is a place for them. They may even get to watch magic shows and a lot more.

3.   Beach Resorts

There’s nothing compared to a warm, cozy beach.  Building sand castles, a walk in the beach,  the late night bonfire gathering, play volleyball, sand bathing, etc. There’s a lot of things you can do in the beach.  We only experience this once in a blue moon. So, why not go for it.  Bring your children to a place of wonders.

4.    A Day in the biggest Library

Children loves to read books. They crave for more knowledge.  This is a good place where they can get busy.  Reading all types of books just feels like you’ve already traveled around the world.  Kids will also join storytelling sessions.

5.   Get involve in Sports

May it be basketball,  golf, soccer, tennis, and a lot more.  Give a child something to be inspired of.  I remember bringing my child to a basketball tournament.  This has helped him be more sociable and start communicating with other kids.  He even asked me to buy him his own ball.

There are actually a lot more places for children to go to.  But, these are just the places I decided to post.  I’ve asked certain number of kids on what places they enjoy most or they prefer to go. That’s why I came up with this examples.


2 Responses to “Top 5 Best Outing for Children”

  1. Hi Nhea,
    Just dropping by to your new site. Sounds gret and have very interesting contents. Yes, it’s true that while our kids are young they should be properly guided where to go – especially on places of learning. Keep it up Nhea. Keep informing the readers on positive outlook in life. Be an evangelist of positive thoughts rather than negative ones.

  2. hannah said

    hi Ms. Nhea, I really like this post of yours, and I’ve just noticed how kids this days are so glued to techy stuff like computers that they miss out on these kind of recreational and educational activities. the biggest library tops my list =) keep it up!

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