Greater Knowledge

I loved books; through philosophy, I learned to think; through humor, I learned to laugh; through discipline, I learned obedience, respect & self-control. It was my faith that my own was born


Got a New Job – Congratulations to Me

I started looking for a job again this second week of May. I was immediately asked for an interview so, I went straight to Makati City. After 2 interviews, I was already asked to go back in the evening for contract signing. Wow! That was fast. Unfortunately, I cannot start work because we were already booked to go to Bohol that time. So, June 5 was the date. Here it is, I’ll be starting my training tomorrow morning in Makati again. It will be another adjustment for me and my family. They will see less of me when they are used to being with me everyday. I will not be able to cook for them anymore. Sigh!
I am quite excited because I miss working. I also want to have the feeling of getting money from doing hard work again. I miss dressing up in office attire and keeping myself presentable everyday. At the same time, I’m feeling kinda scared because this is the first time I’ll be away from home. Away from my family.

Well, that’s life. Wish me Luck.


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